Next Tuesday's Run: # 2131

Date:   Tuesday 24 May, 6:30pm  

Hare:    Lip Splitter and Nazel Kum

Location:  18 Bluestone Drive, Parklands

Welcome to the home of Garden City Hash House Harriers, Christchurch New Zealand.

We hash mostly on Tuesday evenings at 6.30, but sometimes on a Sunday, meeting beforehand for a beer/RTD, have a few beers/ RTD's during the r*n, and a few more beers/RTD's and some food after.

R*n fee normally $6 including food. Buy your own drinks.  See below for upcoming r*ns. Too many words? Try Photo Gallery for lots of pics. Want to read about our run reports - garbage is now posted on facebook.

Bring your own plate and cutlery for food, and a pannikin (drinking vessel) for fines.

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About Us:

​We are a social running club with the emphasis on the social. Why wait for the annual 'fun run'? We have a fun run every week. We cater to all levels of runners and walkers. We have members who have never run in their lives to ones who have run marathons and done multi-sport events. We also cater to all ages of runner. Our youngest member is 4 - ok she doesn't do much running yet, and our oldest is 86 - actually he doesn't run much these days either. So what do we all have in common, well we enjoy a bit of exercise and like to have a laugh - and most of us like a drink or two.

We meet up every week, mostly at the home of one of our members, but occasionally a park or a bar, and run or walk for half an hour to an hour and a half following a set trail marked in flour, sawdust or whatever, usually with some refreshments along the way, followed by some more drinks at the end and a wonderful home-cooked meal.

We are a harriers club rather than a running club as the trails we follow are on roads, paths, park, paddock and beach, and indeed try to be off road as much as possible. We are non-competitive, and with our cunningly laid trails, the idea is that everyone should get back about the same time.

There are hash house harrier clubs all around the world where you will find many like-minded people, and it's a great introduction to another country if you look a club up on your travels.​​